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Welcome to the EZamazon associates demo store

Creating an Amazon affiliate site is easy with the EZamazon affiliate site script. Quick to setup and customise, you'll be earning Amazon affiliate revenue in a few simple steps. You can customise the sites settings, colours, text and images and set which products and categories the site features. The EZamazon site then automatically displays relevant products from Amazon.

EZamazon is an easy-to-use website software package. It is designed to get you up and running with an Amazon affiliate site quickly. Simple, easy to install and customisable, it is suitable for everyone. Earn up to 15% commission from Amazon.

Any problems getting your affiliate site up and running just give our support team a shout and they will be more than happy to answer your questions on how to get started with EZamazon.

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Amazon Affiliate News

  • Say Good-Bye to Book and eBook Bloggers – Amazon Has Changed the Fee Schedule for Its Affiliate Program
  • 24th February 2017
  • An Amazon affiliate will still earn 4% from Kindles and Fire tablets ... We have received feedback from associates that the advertising fee structure could be made clearer, especially with respect to understanding which products are in fixed-fee categories ...
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  • Amazon Just Made a Big Change to Its Affiliate Program; Members Call It 'A Gutting'
  • 24th February 2017
  • Amazon just made a big change to its affiliate program, which could have an impact on the incomes of members ranging from YouTube stars to traditional media companies. The Amazon Associates program has long allowed its members to earn a commission when a ...
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  • Amazon Associates Fee Structure Changes and How It Will Affect You
  • 24th February 2017
  • But other bloggers will likely see their income suffer. Read on to find out how this could affect you. The Amazon Associates affiliate program is a great way for new bloggers to start making money with their blogs. (If you aren’t a member you can sign up ...
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  • 12 Secrets Amazon Shoppers Need to Know
  • 24th February 2017
  • The Cheat Sheet is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. No one denies that Amazon is convenient.
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  • Dangers of Affiliate Marketing and How to Counter Them
  • 24th February 2017
  • The first incident... If you don't know, I'm part of the Amazon Associates (AA) program, which is an affiliate marketing program. I earn a commission whenever someones buys something through an Amazon link from my blog. I get nothing if a reader just ...
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