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This is a demo content page made with the EZamazon custom content tool

The custom content pages tool is a new section in the admin area which allows store owners to create their own pages quickly and easily. These pages are automatically included into the sites navigation and XML sitemap to be indexed by search engines. They can also be linked to from the homepage, about page, blog or homepage heros.

You can include products into the custom pages with simple markup by wrapping the Amazon ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) in a double curly bracket and EZamazon will render out a product block like the following examples:

EZamazon store owners can create as many pages as they need to. Creating custom content for your EZamazon store will help it rank higher in search engines by allowing you to create custom content about the products to be indexed. Hopefully more custom content will mean more traffic which in turn should help you increase your Amazon affiliate earnings!

Screenshot of the custom content pages tool:


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